Trading Card Games

The world of trading card games is vast. Many publishers have attempted to break into the beloved tabletop space, but crafting a card game that rivals the prestige of Magic: the Gathering, the nostalgia of Yu-Gi-Oh!, or the collectible addiction of Pokémon is a tall order. These household names have been kicking around for decades, and garnered loyal audiences that span the globe. But there are some new entries in the field that stand out.
We’ve collected this list of the best trading card games that deserve your attention, and included some collectible and living card games on the side. Some are eminent titles that you’ve likely tried, while others might be unfamiliar in both name and style. While they vary in gameplay and systems, they all capture the excitement of grabbing a deck, and fielding your creation on the tabletop.
And don’t be put off by the less well-known term ‘living card game’. LCGs operate just like TCGs and CCGs, but use fixed expansion packs rather than randomised booster sets, saving some guesswork and spending on your part. So fetch those card sleeves and start browsing for boosters, because…